AYKO PRE.VISION embodies the symbiosis of innovative approaches and established methods. Its genes are in automotive development, measurement technology and chemistry.


Our employees have already worked with well-known luxury and sports car manufacturers and are currently incorporating their experience in the development and production of products in the areas of suspension measurement and leisure products.


Since its foundation, AYKO PRE.VISION has been cooperating with various manufacturers and has access to the entire manufacturing line of these companies. In addition, it also offers consulting services for startups and their projects. We create added value through vision and precision paired in one company.


What we offer:

  • Hybrid & Lightweight design
  • 3D CAD design
  • Development consultation
  • For prototypes to small series:
    Direct access to the entire metal processing line




Weight-optimized connectors with an innovative design that enables the conctruction of complex, large kites. Also templates to transfer certain geometries on fabrics. Available soon.



Arose from ourpassion for vehicles, motorsport, and individualization.

Precise measuring device for vehicles that combines several functions all in one. Details will follow soon. Stay tuned.

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